About Us - The Full Story

First of all, thank you for taking to the time to find out - About Us

My Story Begins, as a wife, mother & business woman. Life can be fast & hectic, good & bad with ups & downs. Life has sometimes thrown curve balls and like everyone I keeps going. However, I choose to try and look on the bright side of life. Yep! I am the glass is always half filled person.

Since, I decided to start this E Commerce Shop FunLife General Store my life has taken a new direction. And a brave new world it is! Even though I have my degree, I have worked in commercial business most of my life and the paradigm shift is here. One door closes and an exciting one is opening. I am ready to go along with the ride in this exciting fast paced digital world.

I have enjoyed sourcing items and am excited to bring forth products and creating new concepts that can be enjoyed by all.

Come Join The Ride